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Anjuum khanna- List of 4 artificial  intelligence project list

Anjuum Khanna– As we have already learned about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the previous blogs, it is time we take the first step into the wonderful and exciting world of AI and ML!

The best way to start your AI journey would be to first learn the basics about what Artificial Learning is itself and then build a little knowledge of the software and tools needed in an Artificial Learning project.

Both of those topics are covered in Anjuum Khanna’s tech blog down below, and you can read up on them if you still haven’t!

Why Artificial Intelligence Matters

5 Tools For Artificial Learning For beginners

Now after getting a basic idea about what Artificial Intelligence is and the tools needed for AI, let us jump into some beginner projects for the new student of AI!

These projects are fairly easy and have the barest of all requirements. They are designed for beginners so don’t be intimidated by them; they are here to only expand your learning. A good attitude towards learning will be the best thing you can do for yourself in the field of AI. After all, you need to teach yourself to learn better before developing software that heavily relies on learning!

Face Filters

Face filters are fun for both the user and the creator. Not only do AI face filters keep your creative juices flowing, but they also teach you a great deal about how AI works in one of the most popular fields of Artificial Intelligence right now: Facial Recognition.

Yes, the face filters are silly and fun but the PictoBlox AI project establishes a sturdy base for facial recognition through AI in beginners.

It needs only a computer, a webcam, an internet, and the bundle by PictoBlox! It is extremely fun but also useful for a new student, so do check it out!

Download at PictoBlox

Basic AI Chatbot

It is of no surprise that chatbots are very popular these days. Most websites have their chatbots for the various services they offer. Believe it or not, AI chatbots are not that difficult to create and only a basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence coding is required.

Designing chatbots is a great way to expand your thinking in the AI field and it will help you in further projects that will require complex knowledge of how Artificial Intelligence thinks and how it should be designed.

This simple AI Chatbot is also from PictoBlox and can be downloaded here.

Music Recommendation

Major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music use an AI to recommend its users’ music that they might like. And to a huge extent, it is a hit. 

That’s why AI recommendations are on the rise not only in the music field but on other platforms as well as search engines and social media. So it is a good idea to get a solid base of AI recommendation algorithms under your belt.

It involves collecting and studying user data for a short amount of time and then you have to code an AI recommendation system in either Python or R, and then have to test it out.

You can download the AI recommendation project by Kaggle from its official website.

 Recognizing Handwritten Digits

It is an absolute must for every Artificial Intelligence developer to have a deep knowledge of neural networks and how to properly implement it. The best way to test out your knowledge would be through recognition software.

As we have mentioned above, facial recognition software is extremely popular, but image recognition is the broader field. And an AI developer should be well versed with all the formats of the field. 

MNIST’s text recognition software is a great way to understand the working of recognition software. The simple objective is to have a computer recognize handwritten digits and transform them into virtual numbers.

Download the package here.

With these 4 beginner projects complete, you will no longer be a beginner but have an intermediate knowledge of the base fields in AI development. A long road is still to go, as these projects have only very complex real-life implementation, but it is safe to say that your base will be established. 

The most important thing about AI development is understanding what Artificial Intelligence means and what are the things that are required to develop an AI. So in addition to coding and projects, try to think about what AI means and what functions will it serve in our present as well as future society. Critical thinking is one of the most revered qualities in an AI coder!

About Anjuum Khanna

Anjuum Khanna is one of India’s foremost tech enthusiasts and is the mentor of multiple tech start-ups. He has led many global as well as domestic organizations with team sizes in the hundreds, spearheading the tech field in India and around the world. 

Anjuum Khanna is a manager of the people and believes in people-oriented management. These quirky qualities along with a thirst for the latest technology in AI and ML have led Anjuum Khanna to become an industry leader at a very young age. 

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Anjuum khanna is a strategic leader with a proven track record of over 19 years in spearheading profitable ventures within Fintech, eCom Startups, BPOs, Telecom & D2H, spearheaded domestic & Global Business Operations with large team sizes.


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