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Anjuum Khanna - A revolution in Business Process Automation | RPA

Anjuum Khanna – Business Process Automation is not Business Process Management. It is the Technology that helps to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. Due to this it will help to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and streamline processes. Business Process automation is a straightforward and effective process to help improve your company’s growth and revenue. So,start focusing on process Excellence. Through RPA you can capture and interpret applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. There are many popular RPA Tools that can be used for business success. Implementation of RPA typically gives businesses 20 to 30 per cent cost savings by improving efficiency, reducing errors and increasing compliance. 

There are some industries where RPA is required, such as Retail, Banking, Insurance, Council and Local Authorities and Human Resource. These industries involve lots of processes that are prime for automation with RPA. In this field lengthy processes take lots of time to examine. So it will affect your customers’ engagement. Customer Satisfaction is the most important key to get success for your Business. RPA it’s not for every Enterprise because RPA has the potential to eliminate jobs of peoples, but for some industries RPA is important. For your successful business, You should know the effective use of RPA. Such as set and manage expectations, consider business impact, involve IT early and often, Many implementations fail because of poor design and change management so try to create excellent design and improve your management, Don’t fall down the data rabbit hole means there are tons of data operations generated, make sure to analyze it, Project governance is paramount, Control maintains compliance,  Build an RPA center of excellence, Don’t forget the impact on people, Put RPA into your whole development lifecycle etc. Robotic process automation can get rid of efficiencies and free up staff time for higher-value tasks.

Keys to successful RPA Implementation by Anjuum Khanna

  1. Make a Goal Centred selection:  such highly recommendable that you think in terms of ‘good for’, and not merely ‘good’. You should know everything about your company’s needs, goals, and available resources. This will help to make Right Selection of RPA Tools.
  2. Run a comprehensive cost benefit analysis, to assess the economic viability of automation:  it means Compare the investment with the expected return, Means it will help you to shape your decision.
  3. Start RPA implementation with standard, rules based, mature processes: The thought behind every one of these means is that, by setting up a strong establishment for the high rise of big business wide robotization, you boost the probability of a fruitful undertaking.
  4. Make RPA implementation a team work process: At the end, don’t leave the administration and the partners aside, on the grounds that their support is key for successful long haul improvement. They are the ones who can teach the workers with respect to what mechanical cycle computerization is, the thing that it should or shouldn’t do, and how it can make everyone’s life simpler.

About Anjuum Khanna

Anjuum Khanna is a Strategic leader, he is leading  many Organization’s, currently he is Vice President of MSWIPE technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is specialist in Fintech, eCom Startups, BPOs, Telecom & D2H, spearheaded domestic & Global Business Operations, etc fields. 

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Anjuum khanna is a strategic leader with a proven track record of over 19 years in spearheading profitable ventures within Fintech, eCom Startups, BPOs, Telecom & D2H, spearheaded domestic & Global Business Operations with large team sizes.


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