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Artificial intelligence vs machine learning

Anjuum Khanna– Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI has been of major significance in the modern generation. AI has been the center of wonder and fear amongst tech enthusiasts as well as traditionalists. But there is one more buzzword that keeps floating around in the air of the market which most people confuse with artificial intelligence. And that is called Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning has been around for a short period with us but has grown immensely popular, though it has often been overshadowed by the buzzworthy Artificial Intelligence. Well, in this blog post we will cover brief differences between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and their potential as well as their existing applications.

What is the Core Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

To put it in layman’s terms, Machine Learning is identifying patterns to solve future problems that will have the same patterns, and Artificial Intelligence is the art of a computer in absorbing knowledge and applying it according to different situations.

Artificial Intelligence as the name suggests is at present an inferior machine compliment of the human brain which can absorb and even synthesize effective procedures that are better suited in varied situations and completely new environments. It does not rely much on data but critical thinking.

Machine Learning is the art of understanding the patterns in enormous amounts of data and developing an algorithm that can efficiently solve problems of the future in a similar environment. Both AI and ML are very similar yet complete opposites of each other. One relies on patterns to form similar future solutions and the other relies on gaining knowledge that can be diverse.

Machine learning vs Artificial Intelligence

Which is More Useful, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence?

It would not do justice to anyone of the two by saying the other is better. Both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have existing as well as potential applications that can prove to be revolutionary.

Though it is interesting to note that, due to the development of AI being a considerably difficult task than Machine Learning, Machine Learning and the explosion of big data has to lead to ML being very valuable to current corporations. 

ML with the help of terabytes of data that floats around us every minute has advanced quite down the line and has proved to be a valuable asset for huge market companies in increasing their efficiency and solving critical problems.

Artificial Intelligence is certainly not behind though. The suggestions that we get for paths on our journeys to cut down our time are made by Google’s AI for Google Maps. Siri is one of the most popular and accessible AI out there which is used by millions of people. And ironically, with the ardent of technology, the AI of Google Maps communicates with the AI of Tesla cars to take paths that can save time.

So we do already have AI’s mixing up with each other and communicating! Even if it is in a controlled and technical manner.

The Real World Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI has seen a resurgence in today’s modern era after its development was questioned by traditionalists. But keeping the idea of AI taking over the world aside, it has found many real-world applications today!

AI has seeped into many parts of our life. Most rivals in a game are powered by AI, all social media platforms use artificial intelligence to recommend content for your feed, and various chatbots and assistants are now controlled by AI.

As mentioned previously, Google Duplex, Siri, Alexa, and other mobile assistants are all AI-powered applications that are accessible to us with a flick of the wrist.

Machine Learning on the other hand has more subsidiary applications that have proved to be extremely valuable to corporations. Facebook’s ‘tag a friend feature’ works based on Machine Learning and going through photos of users to provide accurate recommendations.

Machine Learning is also present in apps that offer services. For example, apps like Uber present a personalized interface to the users for a better experience and virtual maps produce an ETA based on analyzing data of other cars through Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the two most popular buzzwords in the tech field right now, but despite being buzzwords, they have deeply seeped into the lives of the average consumer. If you would look around yourself, you would realize just how much you are surrounded by the science fiction of yesterday.

Who is Anjuum Khanna?

Anjuum Khanna is a tech enthusiast who is always on the lookout for the future. An experienced tech blogger and a market leader, Anjuum Khanna lives, and breathes tech.

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