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Anjuum Khanna- 4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

anjuum khanna

Anjuum Khanna – In 2017, United Airlines learned a hard and expensive lesson in customer experience. The airline lost over $1 billion dollars in value because a passengers’ customer experience went viral on social media.

In this digital age, customer experience is more important than ever. With the presence of social media and the consequent ability of a customers’ experience(s) going viral in a matter of minutes, more companies and organizations have recognized that the way a customer feels about their interaction with the brand can make or may the business.

In view of the importance of customer experience, how can you improve this vital aspect of your business?

1. Respond

Everyone wants to be heard and appreciated. Your customers are no different. Hence, listening and responding to the concerns of your customers is one of the most important steps in improving your customer’s experience. It might be hard work, but endeavor to respond to all the feedback you get from your customers. Doing this can work wonders for your customer retention.

2. Be Proactive

According to a report in the Harvard Business Review, your customers are left satisfied and develop a sense of loyalty when they spend as little time and effort as possible in getting their problems resolved. Thus, to improve your customer experience, ensure ease of access to help. Actively seek ways to reduce the time taken to receive help. Constantly be on the lookout for product and services that can make their lives easier. Your customer feedback is a great means of identifying new needs and generating more ideas.

3. Personalize

Customers appreciate customized experiences. Although technology is a great tool in business and service delivery, customized service build relationships that last. Your customers want to feel like they are your only customers; they want to feel valued and special. Hence, bulk, imprecise emails will not help. Give them personalized content and watch your bond grow stronger.

4. Reward loyalty

Rewarding loyal customers is a great way of improving customer experience. You can show that you appreciate their loyalty in various ways from personalized giveaways to sending greeting card to promotions and discount offers. If your customers feel that you are saying ‘thank you for your service’ this increases the chances of retention. Moreover, rewarded customers often become advocates for your business and can attract more customers.

Customer experience is an important facet of your brand. Use the tips above to improve it and enjoy the immense benefits it can bring!

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About me:

I’am Anjuum Khanna. I’am an Indian Blogger, Writer and Tech Consultant.


Anjuum khanna is a strategic leader with a proven track record of over 19 years in spearheading profitable ventures within Fintech, eCom Startups, BPOs, Telecom & D2H, spearheaded domestic & Global Business Operations with large team sizes.


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