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Anjuum Khanna Top 5 Most Popular Machine Learning Tools 2020

Anjuum Khanna-Machine Learning as discussed in our previous post is a tool that has the power to solve almost every critical problem that occurs through heaps of data. Not only is Machine Learning extremely efficient, with the right amount of effort it is highly rewarding too. 

That is probably one of the best features of Machine Learning. Despite being a complex concept, it is available to anyone and everyone thanks to the internet and ML enthusiasts. 

So in this week’s Anjuum Khanna’s tech blog, we are going to list out the top 10 Machine Learning software and tools that are available on the market to be accessed by anyone willing to invest time in ML.

Top 5 Machine Learning Tools 2020

Most Machine Learning tools are free but some have paid plans as well. In today’s post, we will only be mentioning the free ones.


Coded in Python, C, and C++, PyTorch is wonderful software to learn ML modules as a beginner. Though it does not have many features, it is easy to operate and comes in handy for new students.

It provides algorithms for the NN Module, the Autograd Module, and the Optim Module for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. PyTorch is completely free to use and can be downloaded at its official website PyTorch.


TensorFlow is a Javascript library provider that will help you in building your models. TensorFlow’s APIs can be used in constructing neural networks and training models as well. It is coded on CUDA, Python, and C++ and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Though TensorFlow is free and can be utilized for other ML extension software as well, due to its vastness and complexity a beginner can find it difficult to handle. 

Despite its minute shortcomings, TensorFlow is a well-rounded tool that can prove to be of much help to an ML developer. Download TensorFlow here.


Keras.io is a cross-platform Machine Learning tool that was developed using Python. Its API can be extensively used in developing neural networks. Keras.io is an extremely user-friendly ML tool that supports the combination of dual networks, has the feature of convolution networks, and can be run using the CPU or GPU. 

It is completely free and is a modular software but needs other library providers like TensorFlow to run. Keras.io is an extensive ML tool that every developer should have.

Install Keras.io from its official website here.


A cloud service is essential in Machine Learning. That is why Colab has been put up in this list of top 5 ML tools as it is one of the most popular cloud services out there. 

Google Colab is free software that can be run on python and helps you in research as well as education in Machine Learning. It supports the libraries of many above mentioned ML tools like PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Keras.io. Google Colab can also be accessed through your Google drive!

Check out Google Colab here.


Shogun is a Machine Learning Library provider and has many useful data structures as well as algorithms under its belt. It is user friendly and has a variety of features like Clustering, Regression, Classification, Dimensionality reduction, and Online Learning.

Machine Learning Tools

It has been developed using C++ and is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It is also free and can be downloaded using the link provided below:

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